August 21, 2016

How to stop recurring Paypal subscription payments.

Our website is still being confused with another website.  We do not have any type of recurring payments.  Our app is a ONE-TIME fee and is explained at

Although we do not have a recurring fee subscription, I understand many of you don't know how to get out of one if you sign up.  So here it is - follow these steps.

1.  Go to your Paypal account and the heading "tools" - hover over and then click on the "all tools".

2.  You should see a category of "recurring payments" - click on it.

3.  The page you should land on is your "recurring payments dashboard.  Click on the link that says "my preapproved payments."

4.  This should bring you to a that says "my preapproved payments".  Find the merchant - it should say "active" if it is still billing you.

5.  When you click on the merchant name, it should take you to a page that describes the billing details.  There is a "cancel" link.  Click the cancel link to end your subscription.

6.  A confirmation page should come up.  Click "yes" to confirm.

I hope this helps.


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