August 19, 2016

Walmart Clearance - $5 Radio Flyer Scooter, $15 Oil Filled Heater, $1 Sidewalk Chalk ... and more. YMMV!

Check out the clearance in your local Walmart!  Yesterday, I took some time to browse the aisles at Walmart.  I wanted to get a few things, but also wanted to see if they had any good clearance.

This is what I ended up with (and remember that prices may vary from store to store).

This pink Radio Flyer Scooter shows $24.83 online but rang only $5 in store!  This is perfect for my granddaughter.  I like to take extra time to scan items in the clearance because you never know if they will be reduced more!

I also bought 2 of these oil-filled heaters.  These were in the regular aisle, not the clearance aisle and an employee told me about them.  A big shout out, "Thank you!" to that employee for letting me know.

And, lastly, I picked up 2 packs of the sidewalk chalk for $1 a box.  I think these are normally around $4.  There was a lot of other great clearance.  I saw Monster High Dolls for $4 and a red Radio Flyer Tricycle for $19 ... so go check it out and stock up on items for birthdays or the holidays!


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