September 2, 2016

Winner of the $50 Walmart Gift Card!

We recently had a contest on the Penny Puss Facebook page for a $50 Walmart Gift Card and here is the video of how we chose the winner!

All names were put in a list on in the order of the comments on the Facebook page.  This was kind of tedious.  Next time I do a contest, I think I'm going to go back to rafflecopter where they pick the winner.  Anway .... /drum roll/ ...

Congratulations, Trishanda Daniels-Cameron!

Trishanda Daniels-Cameron, please message me on Facebook with your email address or email me at with your email address so that I can order your Walmart eGift card!  Please be sure to double-check spelling of your email when you send it as it will be sent to the email address you give me.


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