November 14, 2016

(2) 12-packs Schick disposable razors for $3.74 and FREE Lindt Candy Bar (for new members) after rebates!

I'm going by the price on to give an idea of the price you will pay after the Shopmium rebate.  If you are NEW to Shopmium, be sure to enter the referral code to get your free candy bar offer!  KFMKKAFF

This rebate ends today.
12 pack Schick Slim Twin $5.37
12 pack Schick Slim Twin $5.37
$10.74 total.
Get a $7 rebate for purchasing both.

Total after rebate is $3.74

If you are new to Shopmium, you can also get a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar (Approx $2.68 value).  I chose the 90% Dark Bar.  You will need a referral code to get the candy bar.  Be sure to enter KFMKKAFF.


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