November 20, 2016

Black Friday ... where will you be shopping?

I am not one to go out and stand in lines or fight crowds.  I don't care to be out in the cold just to purchase something at a good price either.  The last time I stood in line for a Black Friday deal was when my son was young and the Furbies were new.  I did stand in line then but I can't think of anything that would get me to stand out in the cold now.

Most good deals can be found online anyway, unless you are going to a store that has a "giveaway" of some sort.  And, sorry, that isn't worth it for me either.  I want to be home and warm.

I may wander over to Walmart to just see what is going on, but my main goal on Black Friday is to hit the drugstores that have the freebies after rewards! has put together the freebies at CVS after coupons and Extra Bucks here:
CVS Black Friday Freebies!!

Also, Rite Aid after coupons and Plenti points here:
Rite Aid Black Friday Freebies!!

Some of the deals she has listed are also money-makers!  So take a look and grab the coupons you need to print now!

What will YOU be doing on Black Friday?

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.