December 3, 2016

Little Live Pets S3 Lil' Turtle Tank $13.99 - free shipping with Prime.

Is it just me - or does it seem that the toy deals are all getting bought up by resellers this year?  I see what I think is a good price on Amazon and then head over to Walmart to see if it is the best price and I see on Amazon the same item is being sold by a 3rd party for over 3 times the price on Amazon.  This goes both ways though.  I sometimes see a good deal on Walmart's website and check out Amazon to see the same.

I have nothing against resellers, but I'm gonna say that honestly I don't like Amazon and Walmart giving price gouging a platform.  Reselling goes on all the time, but when someone is trying to find that special toy for their child, it's kind of a bummer to see it in your face every time you check the big stores.

And, I saw someone post that people are jealous because they are making money off the toys, well maybe some, but some people are just trying to find that special toy for their child.  And this year, it seems like a LOT of toys are being bought out and resold at really high prices.  Anything that might be slightly a good deal is being scooped up for profit.

So, don't buy the toy.  That is my suggestion.  Get your child a similar toy ... keep an eye out for a hot toy to show up.  There was a toy I wanted this year, and I was willing to pay up to double the retail, but you can't get them anywhere near that... they are being sold for 4 times the retail!  So, I'm just not buying it.  It's a toy ... is it really worth that much?  I don't think so.

So, now that I'm done with my rant.  Here is a good deal on the Little Live Pets S3 Lil' Turtle Tank - this is only $13.99 on Amazon!  (And being resold for almost $70 right now on Walmart.)  Who knows how long this will last.

Free shipping for Prime members.  See the link below to find out if you qualify for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.