December 6, 2016

Shopping on Amazon for deals - how it differs from other retailers. Buy now ... or wait?

Amazon is different than most retailers as they change their prices what seems like "randomly".  Although we really believe that this is when an item is viewed a lot or is selling well ... prices change completely out of the blue.

I have had things in my cart and getting ready to buy them when the price jumped by a significant amount.

So, when if you see a price that you feel is a good value, don't put it off too long.  Also, if you find an item that you want but is priced too high, put it in your shopping cart and then click on "save for later".  You can go back daily (or as often as you like) to see if the price has come down any to where you are comfortable purchasing it.

I bought these boots for $25.20 in October.  The NEXT day, the price jumped a bit ... today they are $89.95!  And it's not a 3rd party seller.  They are sold by Amazon.

The same day, I also purchased these slippers for $14.86 - they are now $75.17!

I absolutely LOVE both of these and I keep checking back to see if the price has gone down again, but unfortunately, they have not.

I did find these boots though and ordered them a couple days ago.  Also the Tundra brand as the other boots.  Today, these are actually less... but they are being sold by a 3rd party seller.  I prefer (if possible) to purchase directly from Amazon and not 3rd party.  This is just my preference.  You can see (after you select your options) the seller in the description.

Another odd thing about Amazon, is prices can vary GREATLY between sizes or colors.  

I am VERY MUCH brand loyal when I find a shoe that is comfortable.  My summer shoes are mostly FitFlops (I have been buying these for years - they are comfortable quality shoes) - they come in a wide-range of styles.

Winter shoes are a bit tougher.  But this year, I have found a couple brands that I am very happy with - these Tundra boots and Yuu shoes from JcPenney.  I don't play around with cute uncomfortable shoes ... comfort is my main goal.  

When I am searching for a new pair of summer shoes, I search for the name on Amazon (Fitflops).  They are pricey, and I have not seen them less expensive anywhere else.  Then I select "low to high" in the dropdown box on the right of the screen.  (Not sure you can do this on mobile ... I hate shopping on my phone!  But that is another story.)

Then I look through the options.  Just now, with this method, I found a pair of FitFlops for only $25.47 in my size!  This is a BUY NOW price!  I actually have an orange pair though, so I am not going to purchase these.  If this was any other color, I'd be jumping on this right now!

The retail for these shoes is over $100 and you can see on that most of their sandals are no less than $60 this time of year.

So to sum it all up.

  • When shopping on Amazon - don't expect the price to stay the same.  It may, but it also may  not.
  • Add items that you want to your cart and check on them frequently to see if the price has gone down.
  • Search by using the dropdown box "low to high" to find the best deals.

You can also use the boxes on the left of your screen to narrow your search.

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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.