December 5, 2016

Will Harvest penny at Dollar General tomorrow? NO


The way things are going with Dollar General, we just don't know for sure.  They keep changing stuff.  So, anyway, Harvest has been confirmed to be ringing 70% this morning.  Maybe next week we will have some pennies ... maybe???

Dec 5
I guess the big question is, "will harvest penny at Dollar General tomorrow?"  Well, we really don't know ... and neither does any other group or Facebook page, or wannabe YouTube star.  We just really don't know.  We only know what has happened in the past and with that, we make our best guess.

Stores are being told to pack up Harvest and send it back.  So will it penny ... we HOPE so!  It may not be tomorrow though.

As far as we know, up until today, at least, Halloween was still a penny.  Dollar General is changing things and we are just trying to figure out what is next. 

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