August 24, 2017

Dollar General Clearance Event Aug 25-27. Please see details!

Dollar General is having a 3-day clearance event starting this Friday.
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Starting August 25 and running through August 27, Dollar General is having a clearance event on SELECT items.  The ad that printed at the bottom of my receipt shows only the categories in the graphic that I have posted below and says NOTHING about orange tag clearance.  Your store may or MAY NOT having any additional clearance.  We will update if we find out additional information or if we hear of any changes.  I will also try to update the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder if anything changes.  Please remember though that sometimes it does not update in real time and may take a couple hours to fully update - although usually it's pretty quick!

Please note that there may be some exclusions.  

And here is the receipt that I gleaned this information from: 

It is always possible that they will change the clearance last minute.  I have seen that happen and it will usually be posted in the store.  If you want to know if something is included, PLEASE just ask for a price check!  The only thing that you should not ask for a price-check on is penny items as they can refuse the sale if you are just "fishing" for penny items.

I feel sometimes that my posting about Dollar General is about suppressing the misinformation and curbing the confusion out there!  Please look at my lists for the correct information.  I try to update as I confirm or deny the "rumors" out there.  

For instance - recently the summer foods were reduced to 70%.  A store posted (on the shelf) the actual list they received to show which items were included.  Unfortunately NONE of the UPC's on that list are correct!  I have verified (with the help of a few wonderful other people) the correct UPC's of the summer food clearance items.  If you are interested in that list it is here:  DG Summer Food Clearance

The Summer Food list is also in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder and is searchable by UPC.

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