August 22, 2017

Update for Dollar General Summer Foods List with Pictures!

The Dollar General Summer Foods list has been verified this morning on MOST items listed previously in my blog post here:

70% off Summer Foods list for Dollar General

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After going out shopping to only 2 stores, I came back with most items on the list.  Unfortunately, the Country Time Strawberry Lemonade on the list is not ringing up as 70% off.  It is ringing $1.50, which I believe is only 25% off - so if-and-when the summer foods penny, this item will most likely be excluded.

I have updated this post and the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder with as much information as we have right now.  My goal and the goal of my Facebook groups is to keep people informed.  We try to get the best information out there so that less mistakes are made and there is less confusions.  We don't just post and run ... we try to verify.

Also, the Penny Puss APP with DG  Penny Finder is an in-store tool and should be used with other information that is posted.

The full list of over 30 items is posted below.

I am not sure that the Wyler's cranberry flavors (on the list) are in the stores at all, I think they got them confused with the Wyler's Totally Tropical and Strawberry Punch with caffeine flavors in the "singles to go" as these two ARE included in the clearance markdown.

The list is updated with only a couple UPC's missing at this time.  The Penny Puss APP is updated with the list also.  The UPC's are searchable!

Here is a preview:

These are some excluded items that I am sure people will ask about.

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