October 9, 2017

Rite Aid $2.95 for a $10 Amex card after points! Money-maker!

One of this week's deals for Rite Aid includes an American Express Serve card that you can earn 500 points ($5 worth) when you buy one.  Limit 2.

The ad does not say how much that you have to put on the card.  This deal is working for getting (2) 500 points offers when you buy only ONE American Express Serve card and putting $10 on it!  There is a $2.95 fee though.

Breakdown is below.

This worked for me today buying just one card, but could change at any time.


Purchase (1) $10 American Express Serve card.
Pay $12.95 to include fee.
Get 1000 points ($10 worth) back.  (Limit reached.)
It's like getting a $10 card for only $2.95 after Plenti Points!

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