August 28, 2017

Tomorrow's pennies at Dollar General

We thought the Hostess Mini Muffins were going to penny tomorrow, but they were surprise pennies today.
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You can see the post here:

Hostess Muffins pennied today at Dollar General!

Tomorrow's list consist of some random pennies.  These "should" penny tomorrow.  They are in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder "hidden" right now until we can confirm them in the morning.

UPDATE:  The correct UPC for the Gonesh sticks is - 10080.

Hostess Muffins pennied today at Dollar General!

These were on tomorrow's list (which I still have to finish), but surprisingly, they pennied today!

The Hostess Muffins in Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, and Blueberry pennied today at Dollar General.  I will finish up tomorrow's list and get it posted a bit later.

The UPC's are searchable in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder.

Coupon misuse ... no, this is called FRAUD!

A coupon is money given to you by a company for use on their "select" product(s) but with TERMS.  These terms are  how the coupon is supposed to be used.

One terms you may see "one coupon per purchase" this means one coupon per item.  Some cashier mistake this to mean that you can only use one coupon even if you have 2 items.

Another term you may see is "Limit 4 like coupons per person per day".  This may vary or be altogether left off of a coupon.  The company does not want just ONE person buying all of their product, they want it to be there for others.  Also, they may want to limit just how  much you can save on their product.  Companies are out there to make  money ... not just give everything away.  Some cashiers will let you do multiple transactions to use more coupons.  Some cashiers will take any coupon as long as it goes through.  Coupon misuse will never go away until stores teach their cashiers about correct coupon use.  Are you going to get arrested for using 8 coupons in a day instead of 4, I doubt it.  But you could get arrested if you are blatantly using coupons on the wrong items.

Free pork sandwich for Teachers at Sonny's BBQ today!

In honor of Teach Appreciation Week, Sonny's BBQ is giving teachers a free pork sandwich!
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