January 29, 2018

Dollar General HUGE penny list for Tuesday!

Pennies for Dollar General starting Tuesday, January 30, 2018
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This does not start until Tuesday morning!
1.  Hostess Mini Muffins – they may refuse sale if they are expired.
The Hostess Mini Muffins are FULL PRICE right now, not reduced at all … but should penny Tuesday.
Birthday Cake/Choc Chip/Blueberry  -0312 -0299 -1182
2.  Christmas with exceptions (trees and lighting are usually excluded).
Christmas Home
Christmas Candy & Baking
Holiday Air Care
The Penny Puss APP has over 270 Christmas items ALREADY in the app …
and, we are still working on adding!
We do not wait until AFTER it pennies, we add as we can.  These items are under the
Christmas 10¢ category in the Penny Puss APP right now.
Find our more at PennyPussAPP.com
Christmas Greeting Cards (not sure if this is the singles)
Christmas apparel
Remember that the Christmas items that have been excluded during the clearance process
are most likely STILL excluded. 
Penny Puss APP is the original DG penny shopping app with over 8600 items in it!

Continued ...

Christmas Stationery/Party & Gift Card Accessories
3.  Holiday Plastics
               Sterlite Wreath Box -4662
               Sterlite Ornament Organizer -6666
We try to update the Penny Puss APP ahead of time and verify items … we have seen people fake
lists and receipts in the past to try to sabotage penny shopping.  We verify and add items ourselves - we do not let just anyone add items to our app.
4.  New Year’s Eve Party
               Unique Tiara -1397
               Unique Top Hat -5857
               DG Party NYE Napkin Lunch 16 ct – 8529
               DG Party NYE Plate 9 inch 8 ct – 8536

5.  Random list of items that should penny. <--- click there to go to the random list.
We believe in easy and “stealth” penny shopping … not hit and miss and random price checks.
Study pictures, upc’s, DETAILS … there are always exclusions. 
Be kind to the employees … ALWAYS be kind. 
We inspire to teach respect and integrity in penny shopping, clearance shopping, and couponing. 
We do not agree with hiding items or using coupons other than as intented.

Everything above SHOULD penny January 30, 2018.

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