February 8, 2018

10 steps to get ready for tomorrow's big CLEARANCE EVENT at Dollar General!

The Extra 50% off Clearance Event at Dollar General starts tomorrow!
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From 2/9 -2/11, Dollar General is having a Clearance Event. Stores will be reducing their clearance as well as other merchandise by 50% for these 3 days.

Store may vary on clearance and items included.

Here are 10 steps to get ready and have the best clearance experience!

1.  Go to the Coupon Matchup Post and see what we have matched up for you.  This was an effort by a few of us to go to the stores and take pictures and then come home and match them to coupons that are available.  There are some that can be found in recent newspaper inserts, some printable, and others that you must add to your DG digital coupon account.  Print and clip coupons!

2.  Go to the Penny Coupon Matchup Post - see what you can get nice overage on when you use coupons!  Sonja said that she is putting all the coupons for penny items in the FRONT of her binder!  Print and clip coupons!

3.  Bookmark a link to Dollar General's "coupon policy" on your phone.  This way, if someone says you cannot use coupons on an item less than the coupon, you can show them their own policy.

4.  Go to your Dollar General Digital Coupon Account and clip the coupons that you need - although, you probably should clip ALL the digitals because you never know what surprises you will find in clearance!

5.  Do those survey coupons from  prior receipts, so you can print $3 off $15!

6.  Organize those coupons in your binder.  If you don't have a binder, you can label envelopes!  Don't try to wing it with a pile of coupons - you will be thankful for organizing ahead of time!

7.  Get the Penny Puss APP, not ONLY to see if items are a penny, but so that when you use coupons and it turns out to be a penny item, you will know ahead of time and will plan for overage!  Dollar General does not give cash back and you will have to have other items to absorb this overage.  Make this worth it by getting this overage on items that you need!  Althoug, I wouldn't be surprised with how many pennies we have added lately that new pennies will be discovered accidentally tomorrow!

8.  Put a couple storage totes in your car so that bags aren't all over the place and it's easier to carry it all in when you get home!

9.  Take a notebook and pen -  write down anything you don't want to forget and then it will be handy if you need to make notes later. 

10.  Don't forget to take a drink and a snack and something to keep the kids occupied ... and if you are going out longterm, plan for lunch.  Rest up, eat, and this would be a good time to check in on our Facebook group to see if any surprise clearance is being discovered!  Be prepared and you won't need to buy overpriced items!

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