February 9, 2018

As Seen on TV that "should" be included with the Clearance Event at Dollar General.

Here is a list of the As Seen on TV items that should be 50% off today and throughout the weekend!

This MAY be select stores, so ask for a price check on ONE item included to see if your store is participating!  This is the list that some stores got on what is included for ASOTV items.  There may be additional items that are 50% off too ... check for orange tags and check the clearance section!

Win Cleaner, Wipe New Rainbrella, Wonder Snake, Yoshi Copper Grill mat

Star Shower, Strap Perfect Bra Strap, Swerve Ball orange, The Waving Flag

Simply Straight, Smarty Cat Feather Whirl, Snackeez disposable, Snackeez Jr Finding Dory

Plumbers Hero, Purrfect Arch Cat Groomver, RingX toilet cleaner, Rodent Sheriff Pest Repellant, Shower Wow LED Rainbow
Pillow Pee Wee, Popout Pets plus, Perfect Portions, Personal Mani Shine

Luma Stone Instant Light, Magic Path asst, Miracle Peeler, Pan Pyramid

Hideaway Pet Chewbacca, Hook its, Hover Hocky, Lidtastic,

Glam Twirl, Glue 5 second fix, Green bags plus, Hamper Hoops

Finishing Touch Lumina, Flower Rocket Seed Bouquet, Foot Bubble Starter Pack, Futzuki Reflex mat

Draw Jammies, Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic, Emoji kins asst
Clever Cutter black,  Colorama, Dash Cam Acetate, Drain Wig Shower
Booty Max, Bright Time Buddies, Butter Genie, Car Cane portable
All Open, Airbrush Pens magic 10 ct, Atomic Beam Lantern, Boom Touch

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