February 4, 2018

Heads up! Dollar General Clearance Event is NEXT weekend!

Woo hoo! I am so looking forward to this! The Clearance Event is now printing on receipts.  I do believe this is for all Dollar General stores, but you can check with your stores to be certain.
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We hope to post a list of coupon matchups before Friday!  I love these Clearance Events!

The 50% off Seasonal & Core Clearance Event will be from Friday, Feb 9 through Sunday Feb 11.  The following items are included and "should" ring at 50%.  I say "should" because anyone who has shopped during these events in the past knows that some items don't ring correctly.

Red Dot Home
Purple Dot Home
Select ASOTV that are already reduced
Fall and Winter Apparel
... Blue & Gray Dot
... Red Triangle
... Shoes & Accessories
POG Clearance
Clearance Section

The receipt does not mention the other categories, but that is what stores are being told.

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