February 6, 2018

No new pennies today for Dollar General.

There are no new pennies that we know of for Dollar General today.  But get ready for the big 50% off Clearance Event coming up!

There are no new pennies scheduled for today that we know about, but we they are getting ready (and we are too) for the big 50% off clearance event!

Last week's list had a bunch of random items on it ... shoppers  have been discovering quite a few more items that were NOT on that list to be a penny!

If you have the Penny Puss APP, you will see that we have over double the amount of items that were on that list verified as pennies since just last week!

I know that some people aren't excited about this, but I sure am. This is when I start taking pictures of the clearance in multiple Dollar General stores and getting my coupons ready! Remember that if a coupon gives you overage, Dollar General policy does allow it, but you must have other merchandise to cover the overage. They are not allowed to give you cash back. Keep an eye out for our post that will be coming up on coupon matchups!

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