February 12, 2018

One a Day Vitamins only $2.25 after coupon at Dollar General!

UPDATE:  I am sorry, but I missed a detail.  This is not valid on 60 count or less.

Trying to do some matchups since I'm getting back into couponing. Ha ha, NO, because my friend Sonja is making me work! She's getting her coupons ready and telling me all the deals! And, this benefits you as much as me!
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To me, couponing is so much harder than clearance or penny shopping. I try to match coupons correctly, but occasionally I make a mistake and then if my deal depended on that item taking me to a certain total, I get completely flustered.  So it's best to prepare ahead of time and be sure of what you want to get.

So Dollar General has One a Day Men's or Women's vitamins for $5.25 this week. Combine this with the $3 of coupon from the 1/21 Smartsource insert to get your vitamins for only $2.25.

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