February 13, 2018

Suave Lotion $1 each when you buy 2 - after digital coupons! (reg $3 each)

You will need a Dollar General digital coupon account for this deal.
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There are 2 digital coupons available. One is a DG store coupon and the other is a manufacturer's coupon. You cannot stack 2 manufacturer's coupons, but you can stack store and manufacture coupons according to the Dollar General coupon policy.

Go to DG Digital Coupons and either sign in or sign up for an account. Clip the following 2 coupons.

The red arrows are to point out the difference between the 2 coupons. One is a DG store coupon and the "M" on the other denotes that it is a manufacturer's coupon.

After clipping these 2 coupons to your account, go to the store and purchase 2 Suave Bath and Body Lotion size 18 oz (these are $3 locally, but may vary slightly for your store).  Your total must be $6 or more for the lotion before coupons.  Enter the phone number associated with your account on the keypad at the register.  Be sure your total is correct before paying.

And that's it!

2 Suave Lotion $3 each ($6)
-$2 off $6 DG store coupon for Suave
-$2 off 2 Suave 18 oz or larger Lotion

Total is $2 for 2 ... or only $1 each (plus tax, where applicable).

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