March 16, 2018

Ladies Hanes bikinis and hipsters ringing a penny at Dollar General!

It seems that lately there have been some pretty nice penny finds at Dollar General!

Here is a list of confirmed penny Hanes bikinis and hipsters.

Just match the UPC. If you don't have the Penny Puss APP, just take a screenshot of this picture on your phone for reference.

It is possible that there are others, but not verified yet.

If you have additional items that are not in the Penny Puss APP, please see our new rewards program for an opportunity to earn a gift card.  Thank you to everyone who is helping by sending UPC's and pictures through the app.  Also, though, please pay attention to details of what is needed to earn points.  I think there is a little confusion for some.  I will make a video later today with specifics.

Please remember that if you ask for a price check on a penny item, they CAN refuse sale, as you are fishing for prices. They are supposed to sell to you if you just bring the item up to purchase.

Be respectful to your store and the employees time. Please don't take a bunch of unconfirmed pennies up to the register and have them scan them all and not purchase any if they don't ring up a penny. This is why we try to get the information out to you, so you know what you are doing and not making a nuisance of yourself. And, yes, I said that. I have seen people take carts of stuff to the register that they thought looked like the penny items just to find out none of it was! Please pay attention to detail.

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