March 26, 2018

Stock up with 20 bags of All Free and Clear pods for $2 a bag and free shipping to your house!

I personally use All free and clear detergent, both in the pod and liquid form. Right now I am stocked up ... so I won't be taking advantage of this deal, but someone may benefit, so I am posting.
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Dollar General has the 22 count bags of All free and clear detergent pods on sale for 2 for $6 right now. There are no coupons available that I am aware of to use in store, so if you really want to stock up, I can get this down to $2 a bag. For comparison, Walmart has a 67 count for $9.97 ... and with this deal, you will get 66 for $6. That is a 40% savings. The catch, however, is that you have to buy 20 bags. So it's stock up time!

You will need to enter codes FREESHIP, March5off, and Marchsave15 at checkout to see the rest of the savings after the instant savings is taken off.

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