March 25, 2018

Tuesday's Clearance Markdowns for Dollar General!

If you haven't hit up your stores yet, you might want to go out Tuesday Morning!  Hopefully there is something left for you!
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Dollar General has some great new markdowns starting Tuesday, March 27 (and no, because I know someone will ask, they do not have early activation on clearance).

So, this is what it looks like:

Select electronics should go to 90% off. Most of these items are blue diamond, but NOT all blue diamond are included. We are working on compiling a list of verified items.  We will update below and in the Penny Puss APP as we get more.

The DVD combo is the ONLY item that I found at 70% this week, but I haven't been out shopping much due to the bad weather earlier this week.

Audio Combo Kit upc 47899 confirmed to be included.
Dash Cam upc 8 68696 confirmed to be included.

Also, I am not sure what is up with this item.  It is only 40% off ... is it marking down with something else?  Or does the computer think the beginning price is more?  I saw this same thing with the Valentine's blankets ... they marked down at a slower pace than Valentine's stuff but still pennied with Valentine's ... so we will see. 

This is a gold diamond item.

Also, we do NOT think that the seasonal Hostess will penny Tuesday. We think it may be Wednesday or Thursday. You can never tell with Dollar General anymore. They try to mix it up to confuse us!  We will update as we find out more.

Seasonal books should also go to 90%.

Seasonal Books going to 90%

Brown dot home and winter hardware should go to 70%. Don't forget that if you have the Penny Puss APP, you can earn reward points by submitting verified penny and clearance to us through the "rewards" tab at the bottom of the app. See more about the reward program here: Penny Puss APP Rewards

The Penny Puss APP is more than a penny app, we try to get the deep discounted items in there too so that you can buy at great prices since penny items are really hard to find sometimes!

The fall and winter clothing is only going down a tiny bit more than this past week.  It is 70% now, but going to a schedule starting on Tuesday.

Oh, and lastly ... St Patrick stuff should be a quarter.

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