March 30, 2018

UPDATED list /chart of 90% off electronics at Dollar General.

I see so many questions about which ones, that I thought I would put a chart together to help figure out which ones are 90%.

The UPC's that are verified are at the top of the list. Just match the last 5. The diamonds noted are what we have seen people get in THAT particular item. Most of the 90% off are blue diamonds. If the UPC's match and it's a different color it is INCLUDED. The register scans the UPC and does not care what color coding is on the tag. A couple items as you can see from the chart have been found at 90% off with a different color diamond. That does not mean that ALL gold diamonds are included ... or ALL red diamonds are included.

We will update this graphic if we find additional verified items.

For those of you who have the Penny Puss APP, these upc's are all searchable and noted as 90% for the ones that are verified and the others are noted as "not verified".

As I've said, the Penny Puss APP is much more than a penny finder app.  We try to give you heads up on deep discount BEFORE it gets to a penny.  And, we try to help you understand the process.

The bottom of the list (where it says "not verified") is from the list that stores received.  Some of these have not been located or are not located at 90%.

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