April 17, 2018

$16 Brita Pitcher 50% off with coupons at Dollar General!

You can get this $16 Brita Pitcher for 50% off right now when you use a survey coupon and a digital coupon.  This is an "in store" deal.

Head over to DG.com and log into your DG Digital Coupon account and select this coupon:

You will need a prior receipt from Dollar General to do the survey coupon on the bottom.  Like this one:

Did you know they will be discontinuing the Survey Coupon in the next couple days? 
Read here: Dollar General is Discontinuing Survey Coupons

Go to your local Dollar General and purchase the Brita Pitcher (prices and availability may vary).

$16 Pitcher
Hand over the $3 off $15 survey coupon - I usually ask to total to see if it came off first.
Then put your phone number in the pin pad for your $5 off digital coupon that you previously selected.

Your total should be $8 + tax!

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