April 14, 2018

$34.95 American Soul Box FREE at Penzeys through Sunday with Coupon!

FREE at Penzeys through Sunday!
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Get an absolutely FREE American Soul Box regularly $34.95!  
UPDATE:  Some stores are our and giving out rainchecks, but still WHAT A DEAL!  Print your coupon and get to a Penzeys store by tomorrow!

You can also get it online, but you will have to pay shipping.
Free shipping on $20 or more right now ... I just put in an order last week, but thinking about another!
Northwoods is my favorite from them ... Krakow nights is second favorite: Penzeys American Soul Box FREE - you will need to PRINT the coupon on their Facebook page.

BOX CONTAINS: Adobo Seasoning, Penzeys Curry Powder, Florida Seasoned Pepper, Italian Herb Mix, Cajun Style Seasoning, Galena Street Rib and Chicken Rub, Ozark Seasoning, Penzeys Cinnamon and a Soul pin.

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