April 2, 2018

Dollar General Penny List for Tuesday, April 3.

I'm going to start off by saying that that lists that people are using from the stores markdowns are NOT entirely accurate.  Sometimes DG even gets their own lists wrong.

The electronics items that should penny tomorrow have some different UPC's that what you will find on the lists posted elsewhere. The ones that we have are the correct UPC's that are now 90% and should go to a penny tomorrow.  This is at no fault of the other groups ... that is what comes down from DG ... but we kept track of the real UPC's while they clearanced.

Feel free to share this post with your friends. Screenshot it if you don't have the Penny Puss APP, but all these are searchable in the Penny Puss APP.

The Penny Puss APP is more than a "penny" app ... we strive to get the most recent and CORRECT information out there.  We can only go by our best judgement as DG sometimes fools us ... but these are the UPC's you will be looking for to penny tomorrow.  Most other lists do not have all the verified numbers ... but that is what we do here.  We want you and the employees to have smooth transactions.  It's the best for everyone involved.

So 1¢ for tomorrow include the select electronics, seasonal kids books, toothpaste/mouth wash list, and Easter ballooons.  See details on the lists below.

Winter hardware 90%
St Paddy's 10¢

Not changing:
Clearance fall/winter clothing, shoes, and accessories
Brown dot home
And, as always YMMV!

The seasonal books that should also penny tomorrow are these ... and likely ONLY these. Screenshot this list if you do not have the Penny Puss APP. Screenshot it anyway in case your phone doesn't work in the store.

This is the additional list that should penny tomorrow.

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