April 2, 2018

Easter, slime kits, and pen spinners .. today's new clearance at Dollar General!

It's the day after the Easter holiday and the beginning of the Easter markdowns at Dollar General.

The following will be marked down starting today, Monday the 2nd. This is not the Tuesday list. We will post that a bit later as we don't want to confuse anyone.

Easter candy and baking should be discounted to 25% off starting today.
Easter decor and party should be discounted to 50% off starting today.

And .... there are 3 slime kits and a pen spinner that should also go to 50% off today!

Remember that this is NOT a penny list, these items should be 50% off. Tomorrow's penny list will be posted later today.

The UPC's have not been verified yet. We will put them in the Penny Puss APP with the proper discount noted as soon as they are verified.

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