April 16, 2018

No new pennies for tomorrow at DG!

There are no new pennies for tomorrow at Dollar General that we know of.
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Easter is marking down to 70% off, but other than that, there isn't much else worth posting right now. There is no news on Brown Dot Home or the Fall/Winter clothing, shoes, and accessories. So, unless we get some type of surprise tomorrow. As you were!

Some of the Easter Candy may be worth getting at 70%. There is also a As Seen on TV clearance list out for 25% off select items. I will try to get it posted later. 25% isn't too great.

Anway, if you are shopping ... happy shopping! If not, we can hope for next week!

I'd also like to mention that in a few days, the survey coupon will no longer be available to print. It is being replaced by a prize that you could win. Lame ... but I get it. DG isn't there to lose money.

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