April 10, 2018

UPDATE: please read this about today's markdows at DG!

I'm not trying to be an alarmist, but I think maybe this "heads up" post is necessary this morning. The goal of Penny Puss is to try to inform everyone we can about what is going on real-time, to ensure a better shopping experience for you and the stores.

Usually the Dollar General website reflects the store markdowns. When I checked this morning, however, the site is still showing brown dot as 70% off and NOT 90% off. If you go to a store that has the 90% off signs up and they only ring 70%, you may be okay. I am hoping this is just a glitch with their site, but I want to get the word out there just in case.

This pillow is originally $7 and brown dot - the price still reflects 70% off, not 90% off.
Another update:  Brown dot is ringing 70% today, not 90%.  This has been verified in various areas.  YMMV.

Also, Easter candy may still be ringing 25%. 

This is the post of what is SUPPOSED to be marked down today:
Penny list and new markdowns for Dollar General starting Tuesday!

Even if they do overrides on brown dot for you, they may not markdown the "hidden" brown dots ... because you can't prove that they are brown dot. Do you see what I'm saying? So, everyone. I hope I am wrong and everything goes smoothly today ... but I am thinking someone didn't set the computers for today for the markdowns.

I'd like to also clear up some confusion. Easter candy is supposed to go to 50% off, the rest of Easter should be staying the same. All Easter (with exclusions - we know there always are some) should be 50% off today. I cannot check to see if the markdown is in place, as I cannot find any Easter candy on their website to check.

Please let us know what you find today and how the items are ringing.
Happy Shopping!

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