May 27, 2018

$15 and under STERLING SILVER Jewelry on Amazon - free shipping with Prime!

This is an ongoing list of $15 or less sterling silver jewelry on Amazon.
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Amazon price are subject to change at any time. I try to update this list often with new items that have dropped in price or to remove items that increase in price.

Click to see the full list:
(The list right now includes necklaces, rings, earrings, and more!)

All items are shipped and sold by Amazon when posted. I trust Amazon's own collection and make my sterling silver purchases from them.  I have purchased many sterling silver items and have only had to return a few that I was not completely pleased with.  Amazon does offer free returns on many of their jewelry items, so there is nothing to lose.  Look on the right-side of the price and you will see where it says "free returns".

You can bookmark the link and check back frequently to see what else I have added. I may also add a few other things that I think you all might be interested in.

There is a link below that you an see if you qualify for a free trial of Prime!

Penny Puss List on Amazon

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