May 21, 2018

Dollar General penny list for May 22!

Finally, brown dot is going to penny!
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Yay! I know you are all excited! Brown dot is supposed to penny on May 22 at Dollar General! There are exclusions. Most appliances and ready-build furniture are excluded! You may have seen people getting some of these items but they are most likely overrides.

One other brown dot that is excluded is the Trolls pillow ending in -718406.

Plus, we have a small list of food items that are set to penny.

UPDATE:  The Fall Stationery are 90% off:

- Elmer's Slime Tray -81846
- Imagine Slime Tray -69251
- Elmer's Everyday Slime kit -81853
- Pen spinner -00983

You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.  My internet was down most of the day, but I will be working to get the full UPC's in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder before stores open in the morning!

If you are new to penny shopping at DG, this ebook will help you understand.  It is FREE today only (Monday, May 21st).  

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