May 22, 2018

Items following Brown Dot that should penny today at Dollar General!

These are some of the items that are following Brown Dot at Dollar General - but they do not have a brown dot.
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These items should be included to penny today:

Doormats UPC ending in -72575

Bath Mats ending in -07907

Memory Foam pillow ending in -76648

Two packs of glasses ending in -01433 -00542

Cars plush ending in -95950 -19659 -55398

Paw Patrol plush ending in -52066 -17461

Minions, Frozen, and Cars fleece ending in 51298 -69701 -69725

Boot Tray ending in -72599

Plush My Little Pony ending in -87313 -02979

Blue or red barrel mug ending in -73037

Snuggle wrap throw Frozen or Mickey Mouse (don't have all UPC's for this) Frozen -26524

Campbell's crock ending in -72689

Covered soup bowls ending in -73051

Modern Collection throws ending in -49871 -49888 -49864

There may be additional items following Brown Dot.  If you know of any, please send us pics!

The rest of today's list is in yesterday's post here: May 22 Penny List
Happy Shopping!

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