June 11, 2018

No new pennies, but more 90% art pictures tommorow?

So, there are no new pennies as far as we know scheduled this week, but there are some changes for tomorrow in clearance percentages.
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Please be sure to follow reputable penny sites, like Penny Puss. There are a lot of sites out there that post misinformation just trying to get new readers! Sure, it's exciting ... but what happens when you hit the store and you have false info? Penny Puss is the leader in RESPONSIBLE penny shopping. I get frustrated with this misinformation  as it just causes problems for both the shoppers and the stores. Please scroll to the bottom and follow us by email so you get legit information on DG penny shopping. Yes, we all make mistakes ... Dollar General even makes mistakes with their own lists ... but we strive to check with multiple sources before putting out information.

The new list of additional 90% off art work is as follows:


These are supposed to be in addition to the ones that went to 90% last week, so if you didn't get any, you have another chance to decorate your walls!

I have not checked these UPC's with the UPC's that are already listed as confirmed 90% in the PennyPussAPP, but will add them as they are verified at 90% tomorrow.

Not all stores have the boutique tags, but if your store does, the green star and purple triangle ones may penny today.  As I said, not all stores have these, so we did not get this info through our regular channels.  YMMV.  Do not confuse boutique tags with bobbie brooks.  Boutique tags look like this:

Additionally, purple dot should go down another percentage. These have been varying by store, so your store may be 50-70% most likely tomorrow.

Other items coming up:
Tuesday through Thursday this week includes a 3-day sale. All detergent will be $3.50 and only $1.50 after the $2 digital! Remember you can only use this coupon once per account and it must be downloaded into your account to use it. Then type your phone number in at checkout.

Friday and Saturday is the EXTRA 50% off clearance event! We will post more about it later in the week, but giving you all a heads up for now! I am DEFINELY shopping Friday!!!

The PennyPussAPP with DG Penny Finder is more than just confirmed penny items at Dollar General.  We work on getting drastically reduced items in the Penny Puss APP before they get to a penny for your convenience.

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