June 12, 2018

Select B&B Boutique tags pennied at Dollar General!

I guess I missed this.  Some B&B Boutique items pennied either early this week or last week.   Not all stores carry this brand, so we didn't get notifications on this.
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I want to clear up any confusion on these tags.  These are NOT the Bobbie Brooks tags, these are B&B Boutique tags.  These items are NOT in the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder at this time, but I am working on getting what I can find confirmed.

(red star , green star  , and purple triangle △ with the year 17 only!)  When these were $1, most other years were ringing full price.
See the year on the tag?  FW17.

Bobbie Brooks tags.
These are NOT the right ones!

The PennyPussAPP with DG Penny Finder is more than just confirmed penny items at Dollar General.  We work on getting drastically reduced items in the Penny Puss APP before they get to a penny for your convenience.

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