July 16, 2018

Dollar General Penny List for Tuesday!

I think Dollar General is starting to stretch out their pennies. Seems like they put out a list of just a couple things a week. I guess that keeps us going back!
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So, anyway, we have a short list for tomorrow! Breakfast anyone???
You can click on the list to see it bigger.

I will be putting the list in the Penny Puss APP shortly, but they will not be available to search by UPC most likely till later today.  I am trying to be sure to get the right UPC's for these products.

If you want to join a friendly and drama-free penny group on Facebook, go here:

*Friendly* DG Penny Shopping with Penny Puss

If anyone sees these today, please take a pic of UPC's ... DG is really good at handing down the wrong UPC information. I will update as I get the info!

Happy Shopping!

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