July 18, 2018

Natural and cheap cleaning solutions for your kitchen and bathroom!

I know a lot of you coupon for cleaning supplies, but personally, I like to limit "chemicals" in my home.  I prefer natural cleaning especially when I can find something that works well ... and this does!
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Back to cleaning, I use 4 inexpensive products to clean almost everything ... and occasionally I use a lemon too!  

The four products that I use and keep on hand at all times are:

Baking Soda
Hydorgen Peroxide
Dish Soap (my preference is Seventh Generation 

A paste of vinegar and liquid soap can replace chemical kitchen and bath cleaning supplies and even the need for steel wool to scrup pots!  

This paste is excellent at cleaning dried on spills on a stovetop! 

Kitchen sink, stove top, pots and pans, even my old cast iron bathtub:  I just put a little dishsoap or castille soap on a sponge add a bit of baking soda and make a paste.  This little paste is amazing!  I have an old 50's pink bathtub ... I scrub in a circular pattern to get the soap scum off ... and it's nice knowing that I am not breathing in any harsh chemicals.  

For the kitchen:  After cleaning the sink with a baking soda/soap paste, I sometimes sanitize with a vinegar spray after rinsing the baking soda away.  And occasionally after rinsing everything, I spray with hydrogen peroxide (the topical strength you can buy at any store, I think it's 3%) ... I use peroxide too for spraying on dishes and utensils that have touched raw meat before washing them.  Most sites that I have visited say not to mix the vinegar and baking soda, so I just rinse in between.  

If I have an old lemon lying around or a 1/2 lemon in the fridge, I will make use of it too!  I just make the soap/baking soda paste and scrub with the lemon instead of a sponge!  It gives the kitchen sink a nice light lemon scent.  

Windows and countertops ... and even inside the refrigerator:  Soapy water and or a vinegar spray.

Of course, if you like scents (or don't like the smell of vinegar), you can always add a drop or two of essential oils but just remember that essential oils are very highly concentrated and should be used with caution around children and pets.  Some essential oils are highly toxic to animals.  

I'm curious to your natural solutions.  I am still not set on a toilet cleaner.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!  I sometimes pour vinegar in the bowl and let it sit before scrubbing, but occasionally I go back to using a "commercial" toilet cleaner.   

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