July 23, 2018

No new pennies at DG, but blue star toys are going to 90%!

No new pennies tomorrow, but keep your eyes open for old pennies and possibly new "surprise" pennies!  Surprise pennies are are not on any penny list and are usually found by accident.
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You can find the older lists all in one place on the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder ... or in our Friendly Penny Shopping Facebook Group and on our website from weekly posts.

Blue star toys should be going from 70% now to 90% starting tomorrow ... look high and low! They may be up on the top shelves. My suggestion is to get a garden hoe or a curtain rod to help you pull them down, but please do it carefully!  Here are some examples of blue star toys.

Memorial Day looks like it will be staying at  90% ... there seems to be a little mixup between Memorial Day and Patriotic products.  There are a few items that look like they should be with Patriotic that are actually included with Memorial Day at 90% right now!

These additional 90% off items include the red/white/blue wreath, the red/white/blue colors of rolled mesh, the battery operated red/white/blue candle, and the memorial candles.  Other patriotic merchandise is not included in the 90% Memorial Day clearance.

Purple dot home should also be going to 90% if it has not yet reached 90% at your store.  It has been varying by location and could still vary though, so do a quick price check on one item to check the percentage.  Most purple dot pillows are not included, but we have seen some stores do overrides - other stores will not though.  This is YMMV.

There are also magnets and keyrings that are on clearance for 25¢ to 50¢ (this started yesterday according to the store signs).  These are not the regular symbol items, these are in an aisle by themselves.  Some stores are putting the signs in the wrong place, but it should be on the aisle with items that look like this:

This weeks sales at Dollar General include 50% off green dot home as well as 50% off yellow and white dot apparel and shoes.  Don't confuse sales with clearance though ... these will go back to full price most likely after this week!  I did buy a throw rug as they usually go quick when items go on sale, but will most likely wait for anything else.

Hopefully I will bring you good news of a new penny list for next week!  Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Happy shopping and check out more about the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder at PennyPussAPP.com!

~Penny Puss

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