July 30, 2018

San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCup 80-count only $29.99 with FREE shipping!

This is my go-to coffee and I used to buy it on Amazon, but it seems like it is only sold by 3rd-party sellers now.  The company's own site seems to have a pretty good deal right now!  80-count boxes of select varieties are only $29.99 and qualify for free shipping!

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I'm getting low on coffee, and since I just ordered a box of this coffee, I thought I'd share my thoughts.  Penny Puss has no affiliation with the San Francisco Bay Coffee company, but this is my favorite coffee ... and it's consistently a good value.  I have tried several of their coffees and have liked them all.  I just put in an order for the Organic Rainforest blend ... one of which I've ordered many times in the past.

I feel good about this companies efforts on sustainability and like that I am not throwing little plastic cups in the trash every day!   The math figures out to 37.5¢ a cup for the 80-count right now, maybe not the cheapest Kcup-compatible coffee you can find, but the BEST coffee at this price.  At least in my opinon.

Visit their website and check them out.  I think you will be as pleased as I am with their coffee.
San Francisco Bay Coffee Company

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