September 19, 2018

Dollar General Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Event is On!

Early activation has started tonight (after 7 PM) for the 3-day Buy 1 Get 2 Free event!
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I just went over to my local Dollar General to check to see if it worked today, since most sales (not pennies) start the day before after 7 PM. And, yes, it worked! I only bought $1 items for the first transaction to check.

This purchase was three $1 items.  They are 25% off, so they rang up 75¢ each.  The discount comes off after the transaction is totaled.  I paid 75¢ plus tax  ... or 25¢ each!

I also tried a transaction with 2 pink square toys and a beach towel.  That transaction did not work, I took a chance on the beach towel, but do not think it's included with this event.

I also believe you have to get 3 of the same category and not mix and match.  The items included in this buy 1 get 2 free event are:

  • Summer toys with pink squares (as seen in the picture above).
  • Yellow and white dot apparel and yellow dot shoes and accessories.
  • Green dot home.
  • Select Lawn and Garden (excluding charcoal, fans, heaters, coolers, hoses, grills, and propane).

If you are not familiar with the coding system on Dollar General tags, see the picture above for reference.

If you are out shopping the 3-day event, you might as well try to find some pennies too!
If you are new to penny shopping, check out for more info on the Penny Puss APP with DG Penny Finder and other basic info about learning the ins and outs of penny shopping at DG!

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