October 8, 2018

No scheduled penny list for Dollar General this week.

Unfortunately, we don't have a scheduled penny list for this week.
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UPDATE: Yellow and white dot schedule markdowns has been added to this post.  I have been told that white dot accessories may not be ringing as indicated on the schedule ... please note that stores may vary.  See your store for details.

We've been quite fortunately recently with having lots of pennies, and I am sure there are still a lot out there undiscovered! So keep looking for items that previously pennied!

Keep an eye out for this recent surprise penny item that Tina found a few days ago!  UPC ends in 04213.

While we do not have a penny list for this week, keep an eye on the bottom of the receipts from Dollar General this week. There is an extra clearance event coming up this weekend. BUT ... that is a big BUT ... this may not be everywhere. And, we are not certain yet if it will include the regular clearance merchandise or just seasonal. Yes, I know, you all seen it somewhere else that says that it is included. Well, just remember that Dollar General has changed their mind last minute on other clearance events, so just wait and see what comes out later this week.

Remember that is better to be thorough than first on reporting things.

Yellow and white dot clothing and accessories are marking down. See your store for details as it looks like it may vary by store.

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