October 11, 2018

Walmart Clearance Finds!

I went to Walmart yesterday just to browse around and see what I could find on clearance. Not too much, but I did get a couple good deals!
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Before I show you what I purchased, let me show you the deal on this Cuisinart Mixer that I spotted in clearance!

The Cuisinart Mixer is priced at $124 in the clearance area in our store (online it's $153 right now) , but is scanning only $99!

If it shows available to you, you can possible get an extra $10 off!  If you are a new Walmart Grocery user, you can get $10 off your first grocery pickup order of $50 or more, and this DOES show up for my local Walmart to order through grocery pickup!

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Walmart Grocery Pickup $10 off $50!

The SKU is 176338228.

These are the items that I purchased:
Minion sun shades for a car window were priced at $5, but scanned for only $1!

The SKU number is 162937860.

Minions roll desk activity set was priced at $5, but scanned for only $1!

The SKU 811012882.

And, the Prang 50 count colored pencils were only $1!

The SKU is 21424949.

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