November 19, 2018

Dollar General Penny List for Tomorrow, Please Read Carefully!

There is a new list of items that the stores are supposed to pull from the shelves, but this time it's a little different.

UPDATE:  It's a good list!  Items in each category are confirmed.  White dot is NOT a penny.
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The same thing happened last year with all the categories pennying and then resetting back to full price within 2 days. But, remember that they can change this at any time. We will not know for sure if anything pennies until tomorrow when stores open. Here is the list of items that the stores are pulling though.

• Tollhouse Cookie mix Choc Chip 18.5 oz 28000432300
• Yellow dot apparel, shoes, and accessories
Although white dot apparel is not listed, I would suspect if yellow dot pennies that white dot apparel will too, but NOT white dot accesories!

• green dot home
• swim & summer toys (pink squares)
• beach towels
• seeds
• patriotic party & seasonal
• lawn & garden (lots of exclusion including hoses, large planters, charcoal, coolers, and grills)

Plus these should penny too ...

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