December 2, 2018

Get Maine Lobster Deals!

Anyone else order seafood for the holidays?
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I'm sorry that I am a little late posting this, but Get Maine Lobster has some great deals going on right now. They have also kicked off their Random Act of Kindness campaign where 1 lucky shopper per day through Dec 22nd will get their order paid for by Mark! You might not believe it, but I had my order payed for last year! I remember receiving that email and just reading it over and over ... I couldn't believe it myself!

UPDATE:  They just released a new code to celebrate Hannukkah!  
Get it here: 62% off Lobster and Seafood packs!

Try their seafood, you will be impressed! My favorite is the Jonah Crab Claws, but I get lobster tails for solstice dinner as my sister's family loves lobster. You can get live lobsters too - they use overnight delivery!

While you can't count on getting your dinner free, you can try their seafood (check the deals out) and get hooked like me! Here are some of the great deals going on right now!  Also see the codes below!

Buy One Get One Free
Holiday Lobsters
Holiday Dinners
Holiday Apps

Holiday Coupon Codes:

"SANTACLAWS" = 55% Off Jonah Crab Claws >
Valid through 12/22/2018

"HOLIDAY" = 50% Off any non-sale item. SHOP >
Valid through 12/29/2018

"RUDOLPH" = 56% Off Live Maine Lobsters (1.1 - 1.2) >
Valid through 12/22/2018

"FROSTY" = 56% Off Maine Lobster Tails (4-5 ounce) >
Valid through 12/22/2018

Note: coupon codes are valid on non-sale items only. Apply at checkout to redeem savings.
Plus, think about those on your holiday list that are hard to buy for!  Grab a gift card!
Get Maine Lobster Gift Card

The deals on their website may change at any time.

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