November 19, 2018

Last day for Prime 2-day shipping for Thanksgiving!

If you  still need to order anything through Prime for Thanksgiving, you better get to it! Today is the last day to order with 2-day Prime shipping to recieve your items before Thanksgiving!
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The best turkey that I ever had was brined! I used this recipe with a few changes: Out of this world turkey brine.  I added a bunch of fresh herbs and orange juice frozen concentrate to the original recipe.

I put everything in a food-safe bucket and weighed the turkey down with a bowl and put it in my basement refrigerator.

Beautiful, right!

So, back to ordering!  Don't wait much longer if you need serving bowls or some other necessity from Amazon and you want it here before Thanksgiving! Today is the last day to order to get it by Wednesday. If you don't have Prime, you can see if you can get a free-trial!


Some suggested items that you may need could be mixing bowls, a hand mixer, a baster, cookie sheeets, or maybe a brining bag.

Are you brining your turkey?

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