November 11, 2018

Stock up on Jif Peanut Butter!

Check out this deal on Jif Peanut Butter on Amazon.  Sign up for your free-trial of Prime Pantry!
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Stock up on Jif 2-pack of 40-oz jars of Peanut Butter!

Always check for clippable coupons under the items prices - you don't want to miss those!

When you have a Prime Pantry membership, you need at least a $10 order for the items to ship for free, so you may need to add something else to take advantage of that.

Check out the items that qualify for Prime Pantry Promotions here!

If you are making homemade cranberry salad for Thanksgiving, you may need some Jello! Or maybe you are making pasta salad? Grab some Rotini noodles! What about no-bake cookies? You will need oatmeal!


More items of interest:

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