November 21, 2018

Summer "Must Haves" Shoes also pennied!

The summer "Must Haves" shoes also pennied with yesterday's list at Dollar General!
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Along with yesterday's scheduled list, we also had "Must Haves" as surprise pennies!
One of my local stores was really on top of things this time and pulled all the yellow dot clothing and shoes over the weekend. But, they missed 3 boxes of the summer "Must Haves"!

The summer must haves either say "Bobbie Brooks Must Haves" or "Revolution Must Haves" on the back of the tag. The front tag has NO symbol. The new "Must Haves" for fall have red squares and will not be inlcuded.

These are the new ones that are NOT included:

While some stores are great at pulling the items, the surprise pennies end up found at some of these stores. So don't give up!

If you are new to penny shopping, please see this post on the basics for the do's and dont's: Penny Shoipping

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