December 1, 2018

Walmart backpack clearance - in store.

Select 5-piece backpacks are only $3 in the store! Regular price was $14.88!
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This was in Belle Vernon Walmart. Just around 2 pm today. I did buy a couple of each to resell, but there are a lot left, but not too many for boys.  Remember that prices vary by stores.  You can always check brickseek to see if they are reduced in your area.

Trolls SKU is 928318888
Avengers SKU is 815371792
I didn't see the Wonder Woman backpack, but brickseek says it's reduced too, SKU 358352383.
There was also a pink plush backpack that had cat ears.  The color looked a bit "off" - I didn't get those but they were only $2.

UPC for Despicable Me is 843340165516.

I don't have the SKUS right now for the others.  It's raining and they are still in the car.

My husband wasn't too happy ... there wasn't much room for groceries!  I should have went to Walmart by myself, as he gets pretty bored with shopping.  I found the Halloween cat head in with the Christmas ones.  It was only $1.99!

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